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Being a Nashville Wedding Photographer is an incredibly rewarding profession every day I get to meet the sweetest couples. Excited and fully ready to plan their dream wedding day. We as creatives love this energy and it inspires us to get out of our creative comfort zone. A great way creatives do this is through creative styled shoots. Planning these shoots allows us to continuously practice our craft as well as create vendor connections to refer couples just like you. In this blog I’ll be talking about a romantic and whimsical styled shoot at L & L farm. It is one of my favorite styled shoots of all time. Allowing me to connect and work alongside a California wedding planner here in Tennessee. Pulling together our vision for a dreamy styled shoot at L & L Farm.

Madelyn and her fiance standing in front of a cute barn next to the bridal house at L & L Farm.

Dreamy start at L & L farm

It was a sunny spring day when I arrive to L & L farm. The humidity was out of this world and the smell of freshly cut grass filled my nose. Walking up to the venue I was greeted by the sweetest venue owner Allison. Welcoming me to her venue with open arms and giving me a grand tour of her rustic venue. As other vendors began to arrive I connected with them through conversation and the sweetest sugar cookies.

Before I knew it hair and make up had started for our lovely model Madylnne. Simultaneously as that was going on I began collecting items for detail photos. Detail photos are some of my absolute favorites and are so sentimental to my couples. Common detail items are items like; dress, shoes, invitations and the rings from both of bride and the groom. As a Nashville wedding photographer I always create a wedding day guide to help the day run smoothly. I recommend to all my couples to create a detail box. That way as soon as I arrive I can get straight to work. Which also allows us to maximize our time together as well.

A Nashville Wedding Photographer dream!

Wrapping up details shots we began shuffling into position. I headed off to the grooms suite to check on Madelynn’s fiancé Garrett. Met with confused eyes at first I quickly realized he was struggling to pin his boutonnière to his suit. I quickly jumped into action by putting together the last final touches together. I walked with the groom over to beautiful shaded area of the woodline next to the bridal house at L & L farm. Immediately I could tell that Garrett was fully ready to see his beautiful fiancé Madeline.

I walked into the bridal suite and caught up with our beautiful bride Madelynne. She was absolutely glowing and smiling from ear to ear. Excitement radiated from her soul as she spoke of her fiancé and how excited she was to see all the pictures from this dreamy day at L & L farm.

The moment she walked up and tapped Garrett on the shoulder it was all over. He turned to her with a smile along with the type of happiness that could be felt. He carefully held her face in his hand and she instantly started laughing and smiling looking into her grooms eyes. Once they had a minute alone we captured some gorgeous photos of the couple around the venue at L & L Farm. Myself and another Nashville Wedding Photographer guided our couple through poses and prompts to helping to avoid any awkward hand-placement or stiffness. Keeping our couple engaged with one another while making it fun at the same time.

A perfect sunset

As the evening rolled on I continued shooting photos for our dream team of vendors. At the end of the night we finished up with the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever seen. The sky was bold in color casting colors of reds and oranges across the sky at L & L farm. We wrapped up the night with some dreamy veil shots which you can see below!

To this day I still remain connected to these Nashville wedding vendors and Nashville wedding photographer. This fall alone I am working with many of them again, but this time for my couples real weddings. As a Nashville Wedding photographer this is huge for our brides because when a team of vendors have worked previously together it helps keep everything going and working like a well oiled machine.

A moment of pure bliss celebrated by a couple at L & L farm.
A romantic moment caught in the field at L & L farm by a Nashville Wedding photographer.
A moment of pure bliss as a groom see's his bride for the first time.
Groom kissing brides hand walking away from the sunset behind them and toward a Nashville Wedding Photographer.
A smiling bride with her fiance at L & L farm captured by a Nashville Wedding Photographer.
Candid bridal photos in front of the little barn at L & L farm.
Evies table brought the cutest charcuterie setup for our couple to indulge in.
Delicious charcuterie setup capture by Nashville Wedding photographer Michelle Johns.
Dreamy sunset veil photos outside L & L farm during the spring time.
A birdseye view of a wedding tables-cape at L & L Farm
A lovely table setup with a beautifully crafted wedding menu.
Dreamy bridal portraits outside L & L farm at sunset during a spring styled shoot.
Couple snuggling close on a swing at a wedding venue near Nashville, Tennessee.
Dreamy sunset portraits outside of L & L farm by Nashville Wedding photographer Michelle Johns.

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