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Spring weddings in Tennessee will always be one of my favorites. The fullness of the forests, the smell of freshly cut grass and the gorgeous spring wedding colors are timeless and romantic. Dreaming of having a spring wedding? Then check out Cody and Amanda’s dreamy spring wedding day at Cranford Hollow! 

Bridal portraits on the overlook at Cranford Hollow in Columbia, Tennessee
Amandas Bridal portraits on the overlook on her wedding day.

First Look

Cramming into Cody’s pickup truck we headed up the hill to see his bride for the first time. As Amanda walked up the hill you could see the excitement in Cody’s eyes. Excited and ready to see his beautiful soon to be wife

As soon as Cody turned around it was all over. I watched as tears began to fill his eyes. Trying to cover his mouth with his hand as he looked at his gorgeous bride Amanda. Holding the bouquet she had made the night prior she was grinning from ear to ear, showing off her gorgeous wedding dress.

After their first look we captured the most romantic and timeless bridal portraits on the overlook at Cranford Hollow.

Cody and his groomsmen fooling around before he married his wife Amanda.
Amanda and her bridesmaids standing in front of the venue at Cranford Hollow
The florals that Amanda made for her wedding day
Exchanging rings during their ceremony during the wedding at Cranford Hollow in Columbia, Tennessee
Cody and Amandas first kiss as husband and wife. Celebrated surrounded by family and friends.

Ceremony overlooking Cranford Hollow

Seats filled quickly as family and friends from all over came to celebrate Cody and Amanda’s wedding day at Cranford Hollow. As they entered the venue they were greeted with a cute wedding favor.  A fresh jar of canned honey with a sign above it saying love is sweet have a treat. 

Members from the bridal party escorted both the bride and groom’s mothers to their spots in front. The excitement could be seen and felt from these two as they awaited the moment their two kiddos became one. One of the cutest moments from their ceremony was watching their two sons walk down the aisle as ring bearers. One was in complete tears and the other was having the time of his life! 

Cody and Amanda stood in front of family and friends celebrating their spring wedding day at Cranford Hollow with a short yet meaningful ceremony. As the officiant said you may now kiss your bride guests erupted with excitement for the newly weds. Cheering the two of them on as they made their way back up the aisle but this time together.

Cody seeing his bride walking down the aisle being escorted down by her father.
Cody and Amanda feeding eachother cake during their reception on their wedding day at Cranford Hollow.
Celebrating their love by cutting the cake on their wedding day.
Amandas wedding dress hanging in front of the wedding venue.
Amanda getting ready in the bridal suite at Cranford Hollow.
Wedding day details from Cody and Amandas dreamy wedding day.

Dance Party!

Let’s just say these two and their crew knew how to party! Once the DJ opened up the dance floor everyone and their brother was breaking it down. The playlist was filled with a variety of tunes but nothing stood a chance against the song September. An absolute personal favorite of mine so of course I had to break it down with my bride Amanda! Then before I knew it the night got even crazier as the bride and groom invited everyone to partake in shots! 

Before leaving Cranford Hollow that night and saying goodbye to my couple. I left the sweet couple with something super special. I had taken my camera and sent three photos to my iphone to print on my instax mini link. I wanted leave them with a little memory to hold onto until they received their previews so I printed them a Polaroid! Something I love doing for all my couples at the end of their big day!

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