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A sparkler exit to end the perfect day at Jessi and Chad's western wedding day.

A dreamy start

An unforgettable Murfreesboro, Tennessee wedding day. From the timing of the sun to the cutest farm animals I have ever seen. Jess and Chad’s western wedding was incredibly beautiful and personal to the two of them. Surrounded by family, friends, as well as their four-legged family of farm animals including cows and Jessi’s horse Woodrow. I’m incredibly grateful to have gotten stuck in their love story. I can’t wait to follow their love as the years go on.

How it all began

Jess came to me with a vision for her wedding day. She talked about wanting to get married on her family farm. She spoke with so much energy, excitement, and tons of ideas for her wedding. I remember her telling me that she planned to ride her horse down the aisle. Our personalities immediately hit it off and over the following months, we spent time talking about her vision. We spent many nights with late-night insomnia phone calls getting all the details in order. We created a growing friendship long before their wedding day.

Jessi’s gorgeous bouquet wrap that was made for her big day was from Rockin’ S Leather. This bouquet wrap brought out all the western vibes and had a custom brand of their very own farm.

Impeccable wedding day views

These views were seriously something out of a movie. Their ceremony was set overlooking the eastern portion of their farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A picturesque view with rolling hills and fields of cows. Chad had created an arch made from cedar wood that they stood in front for their ceremony. Jessi’s brother was dressed for the occasion with a cowboy hat on ready to officiate his sister’s wedding. Jess told me prior to the ceremony to be prepared for them to deliver a baby cow. This cracked me up and still does a little now especially since 30 minutes after leaving their wedding they did.

A dreamy western wedding ceremony site
A dreamy western wedding ceremony site
Western wedding details from Jessi and Chad's day

Woodrow steals the show

Following Chad and Jessi’s first look, Jessi wanted to spend a moment on her wedding day with her horse Woodrow. There were several talks about Jessi wanting to ride her horse down the aisle in her wedding dress. It was so cool to see the love and adoration between these two. While Woodrow may have wanted to eat Jessi’s flowers, the bond between this girl and her horse was incredible. We were able to snap some pretty incredible, personal, and tender moments between these two. Moments for to look back on and remind her of her western wedding day.

Jessi and her horse on her western wedding day in murfeesboro

Impeccable Timing

I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and this day was just more proof of that. Improvising due to technical difficulties during their reception but during that time we made the most of it. I grabbed Chad and Jess and said that go out to the pastures for sunset portraits. The sky was still cloudy, but we were still hopeful. Praying that the clouds would let in a few rays of sunlight. As we were about to head back to the reception golden light poured from the sky. Suddenly with impeccable timing of those rays of light or the memories we created. A perfect way to treasure memories from their western wedding day.

Time to get down!

Shortly after a grand entrance by the lovely couple that opened the dance floor up for their first dances. This crowd really knew how to party and they definitely came prepared for all the line dances. Personally have two left feet so watching everyone breaking it down on the dance floor was so freaking cool! The energy in the room was on high the entire night. No matter what song the Dj played everyone was busting moves.

Sparkler Exit

Guests started gathering for a fake exit knowing the party would still continue directly after. We waited for the sky to completely light up and then we had some fun! Chad and Jess ran through the sparklers celebrating their day of love with a fairy tale ending. Surrounded by their bridal party as well as family and friends. It was a beautiful ending to an absolutely unforgettable day.

If you’re like me and can’t enough of Chad and Jessi’s western wedding day, then check out this link with even more photos!

Jessi and her horse Woodrow on her wedding day.
Jessi walking down the aisle to meet her soon to be husband Chad.
Jessi's wedding ring set up for wedding day details.
Jessi getting ready on her wedding day
Jessi's wedding dress hanging at a air b n b
Sunset portraits of Jessi and Chad
Jess partying it up at the reception during her wedding.
Jessi and her bridal party in kimonos
Gorgeous western wedding earrings setup for a wedding flatlay
A beautiful pin given to jessi by her grandmother for her wedding day
A sparkler exit to end their wedding day
Chad carrying jessi away as they walk through a sparkler exit to end their wedding day.
Sunset portraits of Jessi and Chad on their wedding day
Jessi and Chad's first kiss on their wedding day
A sparkler exit to end their perfect wedding day
Cows who came for the ceremony on Jessi and Chads wedding day
Jessi and chad during their western wedding ceremony

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