Chloe's son running up to her during her surprise proposal in Nashville.
Chloe saying yes to Dillion's proposal.
Chloe and Dillion snuggled close after their surprise proposal in Nashville

Would you believe me if I told you that we planned out Chloe’s Nashville proposal for almost a month? When Dillion reached out and let me in on the big secret I was 100% on board. Over the following weeks Dillion created a group chat with Chloe’s closet friends and dropped the big secret. He was planning a surprise proposal in Nashville and would need their help. Chloe’s friends were more than up for the task. All of Chloe’s friends played a key role in making her Nashville proposal a huge success!

I love capturing proposals in Nashville but this one was extra special. Over the years I’ve spent time working with and getting to know Chloe. Chloe is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She’s also one of the strongest people I know. (I mean literally she squats 225 in the gym easily) On top of all this she’s a kick ass mom to her son Colton and a medic in the Army. I’ve watched this girl go through a lot over the years so getting to capture her Nashville proposal almost felt like life had come full circle. At work Chloe could chat up a storm and the majority of time she talked about her mustache man.(aka Dillion haha)

Finding the perfect spot for Chloe’s Nashville proposal was somewhat of a challenge. I messaged Chloe with a list of locations and told her that Dillion booked a session for them. I let Chloe know that Dillion asked me to ask her which location she wanted to go to. She looked through the photos I sent her and then made her decision. She fell in love with one of my favorite locations for surprise proposals in Nashville.

Chloe’s surprise proposal in Nashville, Tennessee

Chloe snuggled on Dillion's arm showing off her new ring after her Nashville proposal.
Chloe showing off her new engagement ring after Dillion executed the surprise proposal in Nashville
Dillion kissing Chloe after she said yes to his Nashville proposal.

The three of us arrived at Cornelia Fort Airpark just shy of 3′ o clock. It was an overcast day and the wind was calmly blowing. We jumped out of our cars and made our way to the far-side of the airpark. By this time Chloe’s friend River had arrived and with her son as well as Chloe’s son Colton. I started snapping photos and prompting these two just like I’d do at any session. I didn’t want to give away the fact that this wasn’t just your typical session but that it was in fact a surprise Nashville proposal.

Dillion noticed River walking in their direction and gave me a crazed and concerned look. It took me a second to catch on, but then I finally noticed that River and the kids were less than 300 feet from us. Immediately I had Chloe and Dillion change direction, and walk in front of me to the other side of the park. When we arrived I told Dillion to pretend to kidnap Chloe. (it was our secret plan for helping him get down one knee in time for his surprise Nashville proposal)

Chloe started hearing a voice that sounded like her son Colton, saying mommy. She started looking around and continued saying that it sounded like Colton. Dillion got down one knee as Colton ran into Chloe’s arms. I could hear Colton’s feet hitting the pavement as her ran and gave her the biggest hug. After Chloe stood up with her son in her arms I told her to turn around. Dillion pulled out a beautiful round cut diamond ring, and asked Chloe to marry him. Spoiler alert she said yes!

Dillion picking up Chloe during their Nashville proposal
Chloes new engagement ring after her surprise proposal in Nashville.

Following the surprise proposal

Following the surprise Nashville proposal our little instagram group chat was exploding with photos, videos and lots of love for these two. While Dillion’s big plan for his Nashville proposal to Chloe didn’t go exactly the way we planned. I like to think it turned out even better then what he had pictured. Colton crashing the proposal was not part of the plan, but it did create a one of a kind memory for these two to cherish.

Are you planning a Nashville proposal and don’t know where to start? Check out this list of my favorite proposal locations in Nashville. If you need any help or have any questions about planning the perfect proposal feel free to¬†reach out! I love educating and helping couples plan special moments just like this one but for you!

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