You’ve packed your over night bags, made contact with the coordinator, and now on your way to the venue. On the drive over your racking your brain trying to make sure you grabbed everything you need. Your gut is telling you forgot to grab something, but you can’t quite put your finger on what is. If your like me this kind of anxiety will eat you alive. This kind of stress is not what you need on your wedding day, so how can you avoid it? In this blog I’m going to give you some wedding day getting ready tips to help your wedding day flow smoothly without added stress, but leaving you with amazing getting ready photos.

Jess getting ready on her wedding day with the help from her mom.
Jess putting her earring in while getting ready for her wedding day at an Air BNB.
Jess's mom buttoning the back of her wedding dress.

When to start getting ready

So when should you start? I would say about two weeks to one month prior to your wedding day. Now that might seem like its overkill, but you’re a busy bride. Think about it like this; would you rather relax and hang out at the salon with cucumbers on your eyes the week before your wedding day, or would you rather still be driving all over town on the verge of tears trying to get everything done. There are tons of things that you can get done one month before your wedding. Heres a little wedding day getting ready checklist to help keep you remain stress free and on track.

  • Have your rings professionally cleaned
  • Attend your final gown fitting
  • Touch bases with your vendors
  • Pack a go bag
  • Check out who has RSVP
  • Plan out your bachelorette/bachelor party
  • Gifts gathered and ready (bridesmaids/groomsmen/parents)
  • Apply for marriage license
  • Start up a skincare routine
  • Create a getting ready playlist
Amanda getting ready for her wedding day at The Cranford Hollow.
Amanda's mother buttoning the back of her wedding dress on her wedding day.
Bride getting ready for her wedding day at the Ruby Cora.
Mom helping the bride putting on wedding veil during getting ready photos.
Bride putting on her heels on her wedding day at The Venue at Birchwood.

Getting ready at the wedding venue

You and your bridal party start arriving at the venue. Cars are starting to get unloaded, unpacked and lugged inside the venue. Suddenly the room is exploding with personal items, bags as well as wedding day snacks. It’s totally cool and I’m not judging. I’m kinda a huge snack queen myself, but when it comes to capturing getting ready photos these items can be distracting in backgrounds. This is why getting ready spaces with closets or cabinets are some of my favorite they ensure bridal suites stay clutter free.

Crank up the party tunes, crack open a bottle of bubbly and have fun while getting ready. This is where having a getting ready playlist will really come in handy. Awkward silence is just that, awkward. No one says that you can’t have a little fun while getting ready on your wedding day, and trust me it creates so many opportunities for photos.

Throw open the curtains and let all the dreamy window light flood the entire room. Window light produces a soft light that is similar to sunset or sunrise. It is the most flattering type of indoor light and looks incredible in getting ready photos. Making it the perfect place for bridal parties to get ready during the wedding day without having to go outside.

Take a deep breath. This is just the start of your wedding day. There will be many other special moments to take in. Don’t think of this day as a dead sprint but more like a marathon. You are going to need all the energy, good vibes and rest to stay on your feet.

Marissa putting in her earrings during her wedding day at The Clementine
Marissa's mother helping her get get ready on her wedding day.
Marissa's sister helping her put on her heels while she was getting ready on her wedding day.
Marissa getting ready for her wedding day at The Clementine.
Marissa's Mom helping her put on a bracelet during her wedding at The Clementine.

Check out this list of venues with great getting ready spaces

  1. The Clementine
  2. Chapel at Firefly Lane
  3. Oak Grove Gaming and Racing
  4. Cumberland River Farms
  5. Burdoc Farms
  6. The Adalea
  7. White Raven Manor
  8. Riverwood Mansion
  9. The Cordelle
  10. L & L Farm

Alternatives for getting ready at the wedding venue

If for some reason your wedding venue doesn’t have a getting ready space fret not friend. There are alternatives when it comes to finding a perfect getting ready space for your wedding day. Some of options include; renting out an individual hotel room, renting out an air bnb that is close to the venue or even using a mobile home as a getting ready space.

I hope that now feel more excited and fully ready to take on your wedding day. You deserve to celebrate this day in a way that is both stress free and meaningful. If you need any help or have any questions about getting ready for your big day feel free to reach out! I love educating and helping brides just like you have the wedding day of their dreams.

Rachels bridesmaids helping her get ready for her wedding day at Firefly Lane.
Jess getting ready during her wedding day.

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